How Can Personalized Video Emails Skyrocket Your Outreach Response Rate

Organizations need an effective approach to engage their customers. Not only they want a simple way to reach existing clients but also to gain new leads and building new relationships. It is where email marketing can make a significant difference.

Emails allow the marketing teams to segregate their communication for different segments. It also helps in building a fluid and continuous consumer journey. The best part is that you can use emails in multiple ways to give your marketing efforts a boost.

In the current times, personalized video emails are finding greater acceptance in the community. And for a good reason. They can enhance your customer engagement and response rate like nothing else.

What Is A Personalized Video?

As the name suggests, a personalized video is customized for each individual who sees it. Did it get you thinking about the time and effort it will take to create a personalized video email for each one of your customers? Well, the good news is that you can use technology to address your customers with personalized emails.

The videos need not contain a different message for each user.  Instead, you can add interesting details like name, company name, image, etc. to make it personal and engaging.

How Do Personalized Video Emails Enhance The Response Rate?

Grab Immediate Attention

In all probability, your customers receive tons of marketing emails every day. Most of these emails make their way to the trash box without being opened. You need a better way to ensure that your email marketing leads to the desired results.

When you send personalized videos, it gives out a message that you care for your customers. Instead of adopting a standard umbrella marketing method, you are going the extra mile to address them individually. When you cross this first level of trust, your customer will be more interested in hearing what you have to say.

For better results, use a thumbnail image of your video with their name, job, or other personal detail that you are using in the message.

Increase The Attention Span

In the current times, an average customer’s inbox is bombarded with several emails. Moreover, the amount of content on social media platforms is enormous. Before you know, they jump on to the next item or platform as several players are fighting for their attention.

As per a study, the average span of a consumer is 8 seconds. It is 1 second less than that of a goldfish. In this scenario, personalized video emails can do the trick and get you a much larger attention span.

To enhance the results, you may have to tweak your marketing strategy. For instance, nobody cares to see an overtly sales-oriented video. You can instead talk about the value that your product or service can deliver.

Encourage Immediate Action

The best result from your marketing activity is when the consumer is compelled to take the desired action. In most cases, it is selling your product or service.

Personalized video emails can enable you to do this in several ways. At times, there are some restrictions imposed by the email provider, like Gmail Video or the network connection. In such cases, there are greater chances that the customer will follow the CTA and reach the desired landing page.

Higher Open Email Rates

The days of one-size-fits-all marketing tactics are long gone. Every person loves their name and is more attracted to a campaign that addresses them directly. It is the reason that 66% of marketers use personalization to be more effective in their communication.

When this personalization happens in the form of a video, the results are far better. Firstly, it is much more engaging than plain text or graphics. Secondly, open email rates are much higher when a personalized video is embedded in it. By moving to videos, you can give a boost to your campaigns by 200-300%.

Videos also allow you to make your emails less text-heavy. You can convey your message more engagingly and interactively instead of sending dense emails with blocks of text.

Target Different Segments Of The Marketing Funnel

As a marketer, you are perhaps always thinking of new ways to capture the interest of different segments of your marketing funnel. With personalized video emails, you can crack this problem with meaningful results.

With these emails, you can pique the interest of the top segment. You can initiate them on a journey with you, convey a story about your brand, and push them further down the funnel. By giving them a unique experience, you can send a message that you care for each person who is associated with you.

Customers who are deeper in the funnel already know about your brand. You can personalize and send educational videos about your brand to win their loyalty. Similarly, you can make introductory, demos, follow-up videos to target these different segments.

Of course, there is an effort to make these videos. However, it is a one-time effort. Secondly, you won’t have to make thousands of them to delight your customers.

Better Email Conversion Rate

The ultimate goal of any email marketing campaign is to make your customers complete the desired action after going through your email. For instance, you would want to direct them to a landing page for better business results. In the end, how many of them make a purchase is what will really matter.

With a personalized video selling email, you can enhance your email conversions by a whopping 500%. Even better is the fact that the responses increase from inactive customers who have been dormant for a long time. With personalization, you can not only create a unique identity but also have a better recall value.

Key Takeaways

Personalized videos are your way to customize each consumer’s journey with your brand. They see the sincerity in your efforts and get the message that you care on a deeper level. Moreover, as they can see a video with a product demo, they will be more convinced to buy your product.

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