How To Make Money Using Video Making?

We live in a generation of cut-throat competition, lack of jobs in every sector, and widespread economic crisis. It has become hard to make ends meet, and the money you can earn with one regular job is not even enough to bring food to your table. Thanks to technological progress and social media’s popularity, we have got some unique and easy ways to make some good money on the side. If you have an excellent knack in creativity along with a basic smartphone, internet connection, and a decent video maker, then there are multiple ways to earn money from the Internet.

Smartphones and upload 

The easiest one among them is to create visual content with your smartphones and upload them online on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc. If the viewer finds your work interesting, you will gain thousands of followers, views, and subscribers to your channel in no time and can earn handsomely through it. But we will not just confine this article about earning only from YouTube, so watch out.

Let’s take a look into five unique ways you can earn from your videos.

  • YouTube videos

Yes, this is the most common and one of the easiest ways to start making money from your videos online. All you need is a basic camera smartphone, decent Internet connection, and a YouTube account. You can choose a topic of your interest, relevant to current times, and start creating unique videos, upload them on YouTube and you are all set.

With time if your contents are good enough, you will begin to gain subscribers, views, and likes. After your channel has a decent number of subscribers, you can sign in with YouTube and monetize your videos by letting YouTube channelize adverts on your videos. The more views your channel gets the more money you will earn. Though you will not start making money the moment, you start your YouTube channel, and it will take time to popularize your content.

  • Tutorial videos

It is another excellent way of making money from video making. As the usage of the Internet skyrocketed due to advanced yet affordable smartphones and cheap data everyone logs into the Internet to learn about many day-to-day things like cooking tutorials, DIY videos, smartphone hacks, various fitness instructions, etc.

All you need to do is identify the problems and issues people are facing and shoot a solution to those problems. If you execute your tutorial videos properly, you will gain huge followers in no time and will start generating money.

Just make sure your instructions are understandable to your viewers, try to use subtitles of your instructions, it will help to attract viewers around the world. Edit your video in proper sequence by using a decent video editor like Invideo. People are making a fortune out of their tutorial videos online. Due to this widespread coronavirus crisis, people will hardly get out of their homes to learn about something. So now is the best time to utilize the opportunity of earning by creating video lessons for online platforms.

  •  Freelance video creation

It’s always not necessary for you to create videos for your channel only. If you have a talent for creating professional quality videos, there are a lot of people who want to start a video channel but are incapable of creating videos. So you can offer your services to them and earn money by creating videos for others.

In this way, you can gain multiple clients, and as your work gains popularity, you can charge a premium from your services. You do not need to confine your services on for online videos but can also create and produce videos for various functions like weddings, local festivities, etc., and can earn handsomely from multiple sources.

  • Selling your stock footages

Do you have a habit of videotaping things? Are you all the time or have a hard-disk full of interesting footage ranging from underwater footage, landscape, nature, etc.? If yes, then you can earn well by selling your footages to various websites. Many websites are available online who sell unique footage to different video producers who are in search of exclusive footage for their contents.

But your profits will be divided between you and the website owner. With time, after you start making some good money, you can find a website of your own and sell your footage. Your earnings will depend on your network reach and quality of your footages, but with the time you will make enough.

  •  Product Placement on Videos

Okay, so you already have multiple videos generating excellent views and popularity. Perhaps you are earning some edible dough out of it too. But how about earning passively from the videos you have created already? You must have noticed people mention about the products of a particular brand or show products they are using in their video, yes that is what product placement is.

You carefully place specific products in your videos as a part of the content and earn from the brands that sponsor for putting their products on screen. This is an excellent way of earning besides the usual income that comes from your video views. Edit your YouTube videos properly and carefully place the products as a prop of the scene so that it comes off to the viewers.


There are multiple other ways to earn humongous money from video creations. But following these five methods will help you earn easily enough. But make sure your contents are unique, properly shot, and edited well. Make content that can connect with your viewer’s sentiments. And don’t even think of stealing someone else’s work as yours. Give proper due credits to the creator of footages you may use in your videos. Stay honest, and success will come knocking at your door.

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